“Round & Round” WSGAS Print Exchange: Taijitu du Manège, State


This is the First State of my woodcut from my previous post.  It’s printed on Masa with Akua Intaglio ink.  I’m used to traditional ink that I make myself using dry pigment and plate oil.  The viscosity of the Akua is not as stiff as I’m used to working with and I’m struggling to get a print that doesn’t have a translucent, spreading halo of oiliness around each line.  To remedy this I’m going to try adding some dry pigment to the Akua as well as using a lot less ink rolled on the block.  When I searched the internet for tips from artists using this method of printing–rolling up the image as opposed to brushing it on–I wasn’t able to find anyone doing this.  Crazy-making but the Akua inks are supposed to be a lot friendlier for the environment and for artists’ health so I’m going to keep trying.

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“Round and Round”: WSGAS Print Exchange, Work in Progress


Yay!  I’m working (not-so-gainfully) as an artist again.  Art every day!…

This woodcut-in-progress is for the West Shore Graphic Art Society’s invitational  print exchange.  WSGAS commissions a printmaker to create and edition a print every year.  I was commissioned in 2002.  This year they are doing a print exchange and have invited all past printmakers to participate.  Twelve printmakers have agreed to participate.  The theme for the exchange is “Round and Round.”  I’ll get eleven lovely prints in exchange for my work and one of my prints will be put into the WSGAS print collection.

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Spreading a Little Magic…

Service to humans isn’t just for the dogs.  Mini horses can do the same work and live decades longer than dogs.  Minis can easily live beyond 40-years-old.  Check out the mini, Magic, who was named the Most Heroic Animal in America: http://www.horse-therapy.org/Hero.htm.  She has helped an elderly woman speak for the first time in  three years; helped a dying man pass gently; and was there to help a man who awoke from a coma as she entered his room.

Photo of "Magic" from Gentle Carousel Horses

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The Masquerade Ball

As we move into the darker, colder seasons I’m able to focus more on indoor art projects.  NMC Dance Club’s Masquerade Ball gave me the perfect opportunity to reawaken my visual-arts chops.  The base of the mask is papier mache using Golden wheat paste and rice paper scraps.  There are 3 layers of paper with lots of drying time in between.  Here’s a tip: For expeditious drying, dry the mask in the food dehydrator checking frequently to make sure it still fits your face.  The remainder of the materials are few fabric scraps and leaves and grasses that I found outside my front door.  Below is a photo taken by George Michaelson at the Traverse City Opera House with the mask in use and the convertible dress I made in February.

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Transformational Ballroom: Rebecca the Dancer

This is rare video of me dancing.  I think this is the third time I’ve seen myself dance in the last ten years.  It’s so nice to see the improvement.  Thank you Stephen Kelly and GlidingOnAir for the video.

The method of dance that I practice and teach was developed by Mykl Werth who teaches at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City.  It is entirely improvisational. There are no set steps, combinations or patterns and is taught through a series of exercises that teach (actually, re-teach) us how to move.  The dance is based entirely on shared balance and mutual connection.  This means there is no specified “lead”.  The male does not initiate all movement and the woman can initiate her own movements (Really, it is 2011 isn’t it?).  Just about anything goes  as long as the action doesn’t upset the delicate balance of the couple in any way. Ideally at the best moments, it doesn’t feel like anyone is leading: that the movement has a life of its own.   The true leaders are the music and the heart.

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Improvisational Catification

Wild-eyed run.  Seeds strewn.

An Improvisational


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The Hayloft Always Feels Like Church

“The Hayloft Always Feels Like Church”, Rebecca L. Fox, 2011

Spring in The Cathedral

New leaves yellow-green

turned over against warm, steel-grey sky

Opening the rose window of the loft door,

I find sanctuary from a baptism of rain.

Dewlap-clad gospel singers

gobble their praise of the weather as

the congregation skitters on paws;

flutters on bat-wings;

spins on eight legs;

stomps their hooves

Munching a liturgy of fragrant, green Host

they snort a benediction to May’s altar wine

I inhale alfalfa’s incense sharing their sweet sacrament

Here there is no Hell below

Only, ascension on horse feathers.

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